Question Types

Enquete offers you a huge variety of question types to support your survey needs. With the simple drag and drop feature, you can start adding questions into your survey. When you hover on each question type icon, you will see a brief description of what the question type is.

The following is a list of the question we support:

Info box
The info box is often used to divide your survey into different sections. You can place descriptions or information for the respondents to prepare them for the questions they are about to answer in the info box.

Single choice question
Respondents can only choose one answer from the answer options

Multiple choice question
Respondents can choose more than one answers from the answer options

Image choice question
Respondents can choose one or more image answers from the options given

Dropdown list
Respondent can select their answer choice from a list of dropdown options. It is better to use this when you have a long list of options. Example: Country, state, province etc.

Respondents can evaluate a statement by selecting a rating usually within a set range of performances.

Matrix schale (single choice)
Respondents evaluate one or more rows items using the same scale measurement. Respondents can only select a single option per row. It can also be used as a scale rating question.

Matrix Schale (multiple choice)
Respondents evaluate one or more rows items using the same scale measurement. Respondents can select more than one option per row.

Matrix text input
Respondent can give text feedback in a matrix or tabular format using the same set of measurement. 

Respondent are asked to rank a list of options using numeric inputs, usually ranging from the minimum number being 1 and the maximum number being the maximum number of options that is given.

Single Textbox
Repondents can write a short text to your question. 

Multiple textbox
Used to collect a multiple short text answers from respondents.

Open question/Comment box
Comment boxes are often use to collect open ended feedback from respondents.

You can insert images into your survey by uploading an image into your profile and using the image in your question.