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(NOT PUBLIC) - Strategic Alignment Survey (English)
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Strategic Alignment Survey


 Thank you for participating in the Strategic Alignment Survey. This survey is intended to get a

 better understanding of the difficulties faced by organisations while developing and implementing a strategy.

 It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete this survey.


 Organisations develop and implement strategies to achieve (strategic) goals. The development of a

 strategy is about formulating what should be changed to evolve from the current situation to the desired

 future state. Implementation is about translating the strategic plans into clear actions to execute the

 strategy. Strategic alignment is the ability to create a fit or synergy between the position of the

 organisation within the environment (business) and the design of the appropriate business processes,

 resources and capabilities (IT) to support the execution.


 We would like to know your personal opinion regarding your organisation’s strategic alignment efforts.

 In return, you can receive the results of this survey, the book Strategizer - The method, and get a

 chance to win a book voucher worth €200,-. The responses on this survey are anonymous and your

 response will only be used in combination with other responses. The collection, storage and usage of

 responses are done while keeping your privacy in mind.


 Instructions for completing the survey

   -   The survey consists of five parts in which your opinion is asked about your organisations

       experiences and efforts.

   -   Please select "Submit" at the end of the survey to make sure that your answers will be sent.

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