How Many Questions Should Be in a Survey?

As a general rule, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete; less than five minutes is more than twice as good. So the number of questions should be able to fit into this time for better survey performance.


Best online survey security methods

Whether you are conducting market research, academic studies, or customer feedback surveys, understanding online survey security is crucial for protecting the privacy and security of all involved.


How to present survey result like a pro

Now that you have analyzed your survey results, it is now time to communicate this to your team, client, or Boss as the case may be. Now we'll discuss the benefits of a good presentation, how to present survey results and tips for choosing the right presentation style.


5 ways to prevent survey response bias

For a survey to provide usable data, it is essential that responses are truthful and unbiased. Yes really! if you can’t get an accurate overview of how respondents feel about something — whether it’s your brand, product, service, or otherwise — how can you make the right decisions? Let us go over what survey response bias is and see how it can be avoided.


Funny survey questions to make respondents laugh

Let's be honest, surveys can be outright boring! True, no one jumps at the chance to fill out a survey. However, by adding some joke humor to your survey questions, you can make the process more engaging and get better responses. Now let's dive into some funny questions that will make your respondents LOL.


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