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Simple example of a customer satisfaction survey

Design & Distribute

  • Design professional online surveys in an easy way, style them until it fits your specific needs.
  • Analyse the real time results in an efficient manner. It saves you time!
  • Gather feedback from everywhere and everyone in realtime
  • Excellent use for creating and distributing survey


  • User friendly and graphical insight on data collected
  • Plan, Track, measure, and manage feedback from various sources
  • Diverse charts and data representation for understanding respondents engagement


  • Export the complete survey data to various formats, including SPSS and Microsoft Excel.
  • Preformated survey data with beginners and experts in mind
  • Export and print survey reports in PDF

Why Enquete?

Intuitive Interface

We believe our software is only as good if it focuses on what you need and ensuring that the interface contains elements that are easy to access and understand. We have taken this into account during the survey and data collection process. It has made our 10000+ customers very happy with our intuitive interface.

Insight & Data

Functioning as both a survey and data company, our goal is to provide insight that will immensely facilitate your reasearch and decision making process. Our customers a very satified with our preformated data that can be directly used in applications such as SPSS, Excel and PDF.


Supporting our customers with all the resources and information they need to successfully complete their survey is our main goal. Our support is available 24/7 and we will be happy to help you.

Our Clients

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