Styling The Survey


You can add a logo, change colors, fonts, etc. This tool gives you complete layout and style control! The idea is to select a predefined template and enchance it to suit your needs. Customized templates can be saved as well, in other for you reused them on other surveys.

  1. Login to your survey account
  2. Select a survey
  3. Click on "Edit survey" on the menu

At the right side of the tool there's a preview showing the template or the current style.

Using templates

At the top of the page, you can view the 'current look' of your survey. Next to that,  you will find icons of available templates. The 'Active look' will show you the current style of the survey. This is how the survey would look if you would publish it. By clicking on a template icon, you can preview the template. To use a template, click on one of the theme icon and click on the 'use this template' button. This will apply the template style to your survey and you can start editing it if you choose.

Changing the survey style

The options are divided into categories:

  • Images/logos: Here you can upload a logo and add it to the header of the survey. You can also apply images to the page, the survey, the footer, etc.
  • Background colors: Change the colors of the survey
  • Borders: The borders of the survey. You can set rounded corners or add shadows to the survey.
  • Fonts: Change the fonts of the question, answers and title.
  • Positioning/Sizes: Set the minimal height/width of the survey. It also includes spacing for example on top of the survey.

The options become visible by clicking on the category. You can make changes where necessary or you can keep the defaults of the template. When you edit a given template, you click 'save'. The changes will then be applied to your survey. The survey preview is displayed on the right side of the page.