Distribute Survey Via Email Invitation

When you distribute your survey though our Email invitation, you will be able to customize and personalize your email message to each respondent in your contact group. The email invitation feature also provides the possibility of sending reminders and track all the responses.

Note: You need to already have added your contacts and created contact group before you can use this option. Click here to see how you can import or setup a contact group of all your respondents.

How to send email invitation

  1. Login to your survey account
  2. Click on the title of the survey you wish to distribute via email invitation
  3. Click on the "Distribution" menu item. This will take you to the survey distribution page
  4. Click on "Email". 
    • If you have never created any email distribution for this survey, you will be redirected directly to the Email distribution form.
    • if you have once created an email distribution for this survey, you will be directed to the email invitation overview. Click on "New Email distribution
  1. Survey email invitation
    The "Send from" option allows you to Select how you wish to send your invitation. You can use our email server or choose to send if though the SMTP server of your email provider. Click here to learn how to setup your SMTP configuration.
  2. The "Send to Contact" option allow you select which contact group you wish to send the invitation to. 
  3. The default subject of your invitation is the title of your survey, but make sure to update it to whatever subject you prefer.
  4. Select a Send date and time you wish for your invitation to be sent out to the respondents in your contact group.
  5. Update the template message to suite your requirements. To personalize your message, make sure you have [[firstname]] and [[lastname]] in your message. This keyword block will be replaced by the first name and last name of each respondent in your contact. Remove the logo image or replace it with your own company logo.
    Note: I you wish to remove the start survey button, make sure to add the [[link]] keyword block. This block will be replaced by your survey link.
  6. Survey email invitation reminder
    Click on the "Set reminder" checkbox to setup a reminder message for respondent whom haven't responded to your survey after a set period of time.
  7. Add or update the subject of your reminder message
  8. Set a "Send date" and time that you wish for the reminder to be sent
  9. Update your reminder message. Do not forget to make sure that the keyword blocks [[firstname]], [[lastname]] and [[link]] must be used in your survey in order to personalize your message and reveal your survey link.
  10. Click on "Send email" to add your email invitation to the message queue