Data Processing Agreement - General Data Protection Regulation

In order to guarantee the safety of your data, we make it our priority to comply with the  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, it is important to know the roles we all play in ensuring that your personal data and the data you collect through our platform adher to data protection laws stated in the GDPR.

A Respondent

Respondents are usually people who respond to your survey. According to GDPR, these are the data subject. They have to give the consent to a data processor to process the data they provide.

Users of Enquete

When you signup for an account with, you automatically become a data processor. Data processors, process personal data especially through the data they collect via the surveys. Data processors must ensure that they obtain permission from respondent to process and must comply with all GDPR and privacy policies.

Enquete acts as a data processor on behalf of its own users. These are users who register for an account. Enquete provides the application and storage space for data collected by its users.