Pause A Survey And Continue Later

How to pause a survey
You can set up your survey in order for respondents to stop the survey at any time and resume it later on. Respondent can simply pause the survey by clicking on the pause button. When a survey is paused by a respondent, the survey session is stored on the browser and the user can continue the survey at any time by navigation to the original URL or by using the session link that will be displayed on the screen. If the respondent wishes to continue by using the original URL, then the browser that was used to pause the survey must be used.

The respondent can also send the session link to his email address if he  wishes to continue the survey from a different computer. 

Note: if the respondent wishes to continue the survey on the different browser or PC, the session URL must be used to continue the survey. 


How to enable Pause in your survey?

  1. After you have logged in, click on the title of your survey on the overview page.

    Pause a survey
  2. Then click on "Edit Survey"
  3. Click on “Enable survey pause” and make sure it is checked
  4. Click on the "Next" button to save your changes