Branching And Skip Logic

Branching questions or skip logic in a survey is the ability to make respondents jump to a follow-up question depending on an answer given previously.

Example: Suppose a respondent answers "Yes" to question 1, then in question 2 you can ask why that answer was given. Whereas if the respondent answer "No", you jump to question 3, in this case question 2 will not be shown.

How to set branching / skip logic

With our survey tool it is possible to set branching for both Multiple choice questions and Selection menu questions.

  1. Log in to your survey account
  2. Click the survey title you want to edit
  3. Click on "Edit survey" in the menu bar

    Edit question
  4. Click on "Edit" button on your question|
    Question settings
  5. Click on the wheel next to the answer 
    skip logic
  6. In the answer settings you can specify which question to jump to, then click "Save and Return"
  7. Click on "Save and close" to implement the changes.