Place A Logo On The Survey

Add a logo to your survey

  1. Go to the "Step 3: Style" page of your survey
  2. Under the "Images / Logo" section, under the "Logo" option, click on [Load image] to upload and select an image

  3. survey image upload button
  4. Click on the Upload button

    drag and drop image
  5. Drag and drop your image into the file area OR Click on “Add Files” to add your image
  6. After selecting the image from your computer, click “Upload” 

    close image uploader
  7. When the upload is complete, Click “Close”.

    select uploaded image
  8. Now in the file manager, click on the image you just uploaded to select it.
    settings for the logo in your survey
  9. Under the "Positions / Dimensions" section, set the height of the head part of your survey.
  10. Set the height of your logo. The space on the top, right and left side of your logo can be set by selecting the fill value where needed.