Show Survey Answers To Respondents

After respondents successfully completed an online survey, you can also make it possible for them to view their individual response. To make this possible you have to enable this feature in the survey settings.

Note: This feature is only available if you do not redirect the respondents to a different page after they complete their survey.  Make sure the “Thank the respondent for participating” option is checked in “Step 4: Before and After” of your survey setup.

  1. Login to your survey account
  2. Select the survey you with to enable this feature by clicking on the title of the survey
  3. Click on “Edit survey”, which will bring you to "Step 1: Settings"

    show online survey response to respondents
  4. Click on the “Advanced settings” checkbox to reveal additional options
  5. Click on the “Show submitted answers to respondent” checkbox
  6.  Click on the “Next” button to save changes

How to view your survey answers

  1. Open the survey in a separate browser
  2. Complete the survey
  3. You will now see a button that says “Show my answers”. Click on this button to view the given answers.