Filter Survey Charts

The statistic page of Enquete provides a chart interpretation of the collected data in various formats. Sometimes respondents start a survey but do not complete them. But on the survey statistic charts, both completed and uncompleted data are aggregated together by default. This is where the filter function becomes useful. With the filter function, you can filter your statistic data chart to show only completed survey data, uncompleted survey data or both.

How to filter survey chart?

  1. Login to your survey 
  2. Select the title of the survey you which to analyze
  3. Click on “Statistics
  4. Click on checkbox “Filter by completeness” to reveal extra options
  5. Click on “Uncompleted Survey” to view only uncompleted survey charts
    Click on “Completed survey” to view only completed survey charts
    Click “All” to view both completed and uncompleted survey charts