Adding Questions To Your Survey

The goal of the second step is to build the survey itself. All your survey questions can be added and edited in this step. The paging and ordering of questions can be adjusted here as well.

How do i add questions to my survey

 Adding questions and editing them

Adding questions works in a drag & drop fashion. On the left side of the page a list of all available question types are given in the form of buttons. These questions can be dragged to the frame on the right side. Dropping the queston by releasing the mouse, adds the question to the survey. The question is filled in with a default text that says 'Place your question here' and default answers: 'a' and 'b'. Both the qestion and answers can be changed by clicking on the edit button.

To edit the question you have to click on the edit button, visible on the top right of the question box. The following screen will be opened up containing the settings of the question:

Edit survey question

The edit window is divided into two parts: The question itself and the possible answers to the question.

The question itself can be edited with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, this makes it easy to change the layout of the text and it makes it possible to add images and videos to the question.
The answers can be placed in a number of columns. You can also adjust the layout of answers by specifying the number of columns needed. Imagine a question has 4 answers, by changing the column number to 4, the answers would be layed out horizontally. Change the number of columns to 1 and the answers will be layed out vertically.

Changing the question order

Changing the order of questions is really easy. You can simply drag & drop the question to a new position.
Warning: If at Step 1 (Settings) the option Randomize questions is enabled, then changing the question order will have no influence.

Paging setup

To add questions to a new page you must click on the  'new page' link:

This will create an empty page on which new questions can be placed on. It is also possible to move existing questions to this page. To do this, click on the "move to" selection box and choose the page you would like to move the question to.

 move survey question to a different page

After moving it, the question will be added on the top of the new page.
To remove a page, you can simply click on the 'remove page' link. This will remove the page and all questions on it. If the page is removed there's now way to get it or the questions back, so sure you want to delete a given question before you actually do so.