Multiple Choice

Multiple choice sample
Mulitiple choice questions are commonly used in surveys for close-ended questions. The respondents are given a list of choices and they are only allowed to select more than one answer from the given answer options.

How to add a Multiple choice question to survey?

  1. Single and multiple choice questions
    On “Step 2: Build” of your survey setup process, drag and drop the multiple choice icon to the right. This will create a standard single choice question for you.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button on the question itself to open the edit window

    Multiple choice question
  3. Make sure the “More than one answer possible” option is checked
  4. Use the text editor to Add and edit your question.
  5. Edit your options in “Answers” section
  6. Click on “Add Answer” to add more answer options
  7. Click on “Save and Close” to save the changes