Matrix Single Choice & Multi Choice

Matrix question sample
With a Matrix choice question, respondent can evaluate one or more items while using the same column choices. Likert scale is also a type of Matrix question where weights are assigned to each answer choice. 

Matrix choice question can be made in two variations:

  1. A single choice matrix question – Respondents can only pick one option in a single row.
  2. A multiple-choice matrix question – Respondents can pick multiple options from a single row

How to create a Matrix question?

  1. Matrix question
    On “Step 2: Build” of your survey setup process, drag and drop the Matrix icon to the right. This will create a standard matrix question for you.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button of the question to open the edit window

    Matrix question settings
  3. Click on “More than one answer possible” checkbox option.
    - Single choice matrix: make sure the checkbox is not checked.
    - Multiple choice matrix: Make sure the checkbox is checked.
  4. Select the number of columns you wish your Matrix question to have
  5. Add your preferred header for each column
  6. Add your row options in the “Answer” area.
  7. Click “Add Answer” to add more answer options if needed
  8. Click “Save and close” to save changes