Survey Frequency: How Often is Too Often?

Survey frequency is basically how often you're asking for feedback from your audience, this could be your employees, customers, schoolmates, or any group that holds vital information that can help you make better decisions in your organization.

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How to Conduct an Employee 360 Survey

360 survey, or 360-degree feedback survey, is a comprehensive evaluation tool that gathers feedback from various perspectives within an organization

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Best Practices for Employee Onboarding Survey

Onboarding surveys are tools designed to gather feedback from newly hired employees, helping organizations understand and enhance the overall experience of the onboarding process.

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How to use survey incentives to attract more respondents

survey incentives are rewards or benefits offered to respondents who complete a survey

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Prevent Survey Fatigue with these 8 Strategies

Survey fatigue happens when people get bored or tired of getting too many survey requests or when the surveys are too long

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