How to write the best survey email subject lines

Have you ever sent out a survey email and received little to no responses? You may be wondering what went wrong. One of the most crucial elements of a survey is the subject line. A subject line is the first impression your survey makes on your audience, and it determines whether they will open the survey email or not.

What is a Survey Email Subject Line?

email survey subject lineA survey email subject line is a brief description of the email content that appears in the recipient's inbox. The subject line is the first thing your audience sees, and it determines whether they open your email or not. A strong subject line can capture your recipients' attention, increase your email open rate, and improve your survey response rate.

How to write the best survey email subject lines

1. Keep it Short and Sweet:
Your survey email subject line should be short and sweet, ideally 6-8 words. This allows your recipient to quickly understand what the email is about and decide whether they want to open it. Long and vague subject lines may cause your email to be ignored or even deleted.

"Share your thoughts in our quick survey"
"Help us improve with your feedback"
"Your opinion matters to us"

2. Be Clear and Specific:
Your subject line should clearly and specifically state what your survey is about. This ensures that your recipients know what to expect from the email and are more likely to engage with it. If your subject line is vague or misleading, it may lead to confusion or even frustration, resulting in a lower response rate.

"Take our 5-minute customer satisfaction survey"
"Rate your experience with our new product"
"Tell us how we can improve our services"

3. Use a Personalized Approach:
Personalization is key when it comes to survey email subject lines. Use your recipient's name, location, or other relevant information to make the email more personal and engaging. This shows that you care about your recipient and their opinions, and it can lead to a higher response rate.


"John, we value your feedback"
"Help us improve our service in New York"
"Share your thoughts with us, Sarah"

4. Create a Sense of Urgency:
Creating a sense of urgency can motivate your recipients to take action and complete your survey. Use time-limited offers or limited availability to create a sense of urgency and encourage your recipients to take your survey right away.

"Last chance to share your thoughts"
"Complete our survey by Friday and get a chance to win"
"Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide feedback"

5. Use Humor:
Using humor in your survey email subject lines can make them stand out and grab your recipient's attention. Just make sure that the humor is appropriate and relevant to your survey topic.

"We need your help to settle an office debate"
"We promise our survey won't put you to sleep"
"Are we doing a good job or do we need to bring in the clowns?"

When you’ve crafted a good survey, you want to be sure people take it. So, be sure to put as much effort into a good subject line as you put into your survey. Don't forget to use good survey software like Enquete to create the body of your email surveys to get the best. Our free survey maker allows you to put together beautiful and fun surveys, even including survey pictures to make them more engaging. Once you’ve completed your survey, simply send the link in emails with a subject line based on some of the ideas here. That’s all there is to it. Start Now!

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