A Quick Tour

Enquete provides you with numerous features to help you create your online survey.


Customizable Themes

  • White label enquete - Create surveys with your own corporate identity
  • Use our intuitive survey style designer tool to alter and redesign the look and feel of surveys
  • Assorted beautiful survey styles to choose from

Unlimited Number of Surveys & Question Types

  • Use multiple choice questions, rating scales, lists, open ended questions and more
  • Create as many surveys as you like!
  • Add your own logos, pictures, videos, fonts and much more.

Audience & Contact Management

  • Import contacts via input forms or using the bulk CSV file import.
  • Organize and manage contacts into named groups to improve targeted survey distribution

Smart Survey

  • Branching & Skip Logic - Use branching in order to add or skip certain questions based on the answer of the previous question.
  • Use piping to automatically include the answers from the previous question in the next question.

Diverse Survey Distribution Channels

  • Create unique links for your survey. Track response channels and analyze it for best performance.
  • Built-in email distribution service. Setup customizable emails using your company huisstyle and logos. Schedule time of delivery for each survey.
  • Embed surveys directly into your website and gather data without redirecting visitors away from your site
  • Distribute, track and gather online survey data via QR-Code. Download the QR-Code or directly create a printable poster.
  • Share surveys on populare social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn

Response Optimisation

  • You can send reminders to people who haven’t responded yet. You can also view extra statistics regarding the response to your surveys.
  • Create unique and trackabel password for each contact that responds to your survey.
  • Password protect your survey using a single password.

Charts & Reports

  • Analyse the results of your survey directly from your browser
  • Increase the efficiency of your survey with insight in the response rates and more.
  • Make informed decisions using data-driven insights by comparing responses and contrasting patters and trends.

Export to Popular Format

  • Microsoft Excel - Process your surveys with Excel, the most renowned data analysis software.
  • SPSS - This analysis software is mainly popular among students and researchers.
  • PDF - For anyone who prefers to print out the data and analyse it that way.

Fast customer service

  • When you need help with any of our (advanced) features, our customer service department is always ready for you. We will answer your emails within 24 hours!

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