Creating a professional survey has never been easier:

online questionnaire Create surveys with your own corporate identity
Add your own logos, pictures, videos, fonts and much more.
survey online Chose from various types of questions
Use multiple choice questions, rating scales, lists, open ended questions and more
survey online Design an unlimited number of surveys
Create as many surveys as you like!


Distributing your survey is almost too easy:

survey online Collect reactions to your survey with 1 handy link
Place the link in an email, on your website or spread it using social media.
survey online Activate your survey when you are ready
Set a start and end date for your survey. You remain in full control.
survey online View all of the reactions in 1 easy overview
Use our complete overviews or go through individual reactions and questions.


Quickly & easily gain new insight and find the answers to your questions:

survey online Chose how you want to present the results
You can pick from graphs, tables, diagrams and more
survey online You don’t need any extra software
Analyse the results of your survey directly from your browser
survey online Review the statistics on the efficiency of your survey
Increase the efficiency of your survey with insight in the response rates and more.


Export the data to the format of your choice to gain deeper insight:

survey online Microsoft Excel
Process your surveys with Excel, the most renowned data analysis software.
survey online SPSS
This analysis software is mainly popular among students and researchers.
survey online PDF
For anyone who prefers to print out the data and analyse it that way.

online questionnaire

Branching/Skip Logic

Use branching in order to add or skip certain questions based on the answer of the previous question.

online questionnaire


Use piping to automatically include the answers from the previous question in the next question.

online questionnaire

Response Optimisation

You can send reminders to people who haven’t responded yet. You can also view extra statistics regarding the response to your surveys.

online questionnaire

Fast customer service

When you need help with any of our (advanced) features, our customer service department is always ready for you. We will answer your emails within 24 hours!

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