How to conduct a virtual event survey

Virtual event surveyVirtual events have been a popular way of bringing people together since the covid 19 pandemic. It has been a resourceful way to host meetings and events without people having to leave their homes. But one big problem is figuring out what everyone thinks about the events you host. That's where virtual event surveys come in. They help us understand what people liked or didn't like about online gatherings.

If you are experiencing challenges in getting real feedback from online attendees, you are at the right place. We'll walk you through how to conduct a virtual survey. We know it can be tricky to pick the right tools and get people to take these surveys. So, we'll help with that as well. So let's answer the first question.


What is a virtual event survey?

A virtual event survey is a structured data collection method used in the digital realm to gather feedback, opinions, and insights from participants who have engaged in online events. It aims to systematically collect information about attendee experiences, satisfaction levels, preferences, and suggestions for improvement, enabling organizers to assess the success of their virtual events and make data-informed decisions for future planning and refinement.


Steps in conducting a virtual event survey

Step 1: Define your event survey goals

Before you start your research into your virtual event survey, clarify the purpose of the survey. Determine what specific feedback or information you aim to gather from participants and attendees. Aligning your survey objectives with your event objectives ensures that you're collecting data that's not just nice to have but essential for measuring success

Step 2: Craft Survey Questions

Use the outlined survey objective you have set to design clear, concise, and relevant questions to help you extract the right feedback. Include a mix of question types to gather diverse feedback (e.g., multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scales).

Step 3: Distribute the virtual survey

This step helps your survey become visible to attendees. Communicate the importance of the survey to attendees and encourage them to take it. Use engaging and clear calls to action to prompt participation. Selecting the right participants is crucial. You want feedback from those who attended your event, so make sure you have contact information for them. Consider factors like demographics, roles, and how involved they were in the event when choosing your participants.

Step 4: Analyze Data

Review and interpret the collected data. Look for patterns, trends, and key insights that can inform event improvements. Use the feedback to enhance your next virtual event, making it even more spectacular.
By doing so, you're not just collecting feedback for the sake of it; you're taking actionable steps to enhance your future virtual events. This analysis and action process helps you maximize the impact of your surveys, turning insights into concrete changes that result in even more successful and memorable events.


Virtual Event Survey Questions

Here are some interesting questions you can ask your attendees about your event.

How would you rate your overall experience at this event?
Which session or segment did you find most valuable or engaging?
What aspects of the event do you think could be improved?
Did you encounter any technical difficulties during the event?
How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
Did the event meet your expectations? Please elaborate.
What topics or themes would you like to see covered in future events?
Rate the clarity and accessibility of the event's presentations or discussions.
How satisfied were you with the networking opportunities provided?
Do you feel the event provided a good balance between information delivery and interactive engagement?


Use the best virtual event survey tool

When it comes to conducting surveys for virtual events, having the right tool can significantly impact the quality of insights you gather. Enquete emerges as an exceptional solution tailored for precisely this purpose. It's more than just a survey creation platform; it's a specialized tool designed to cater to the unique demands of virtual events.

Enquete's strength lies in its user-friendly approach, offering tailored templates designed explicitly for virtual event surveys. These templates cover a wide array of questions relevant to online events, simplifying the survey creation process. With its intuitive interface, even those new to survey design can easily craft comprehensive surveys. Beyond ease of use, Enquete's focus on branding and customization allows organizers to align the survey experience with the event's identity, ensuring a seamless and professional look. What sets Enquete apart is its robust analytics tools, offering detailed data analysis and visual reports, empowering event planners to derive valuable insights from survey responses. Its features for enhancing participant engagement and real-time feedback collection during virtual events make it an ideal choice for those seeking to gather actionable feedback and improve future virtual gatherings.

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