20 Effective Onboarding Survey Questions

Onboarding survey questionsIf you've ever found yourself questioning how to make the new hire experience more enriching, engaging, and effective, you're in the right place. 

You're not alone if you've faced hurdles in creating an efficient onboarding process. Many encounter obstacles like an unstructured approach, ineffective communication, and a lack of insight into new hires' expectations. These challenges can dampen a newcomer's enthusiasm and hinder their integration into the company culture.

Your ultimate aim is to connect the new employees with their teams and the broader company culture, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their roles, and foster a positive work environment from the outset.

This guide is crafted to arm you with thoughtfully crafted onboarding survey questions into this process, you can unlock insights that lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention. 

Let's dive in and explore how these questions can become the cornerstone of your onboarding program.


What Is Onboarding Survey

An onboarding survey is a series of questions you present to new hires to gauge their initial experiences and impressions of your company. These surveys serve a dual purpose: to highlight what you're doing right and to pinpoint areas for improvement. By giving new employees a voice, you make them feel valued from day one.

Implementing onboarding surveys can revolutionize your approach to welcoming new team members. Not only do they offer a direct line to understanding employee needs, but they also contribute to:

  1. Increased employee retention

  2. Improved job satisfaction

  3. Enhanced alignment between employee expectations and their roles

  4. Valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your orientation and training sessions


Crafting Effective Onboarding Survey Questions

Creating questions that elicit useful responses involves clarity, brevity, and a mix of question types. Ensuring anonymity can also encourage honesty, providing you with genuine insights.

When developing your onboarding survey questions, consider covering these essential areas:

  1. Pre-Onboarding Experience: How did the new hire perceive the recruitment and onboarding information?

  2. First-Day Impressions: Did the first day meet their expectations?

  3. Training and Support: Are they receiving the support and resources they need?

  4. Company Culture and Work Environment: How do they view the company culture?

  5. Job Role and Responsibilities: Is there clarity regarding their job expectations?


20 Effective Onboarding Survey Questions

To help you get started, here are four targeted questions for each category mentioned above:

Pre-Onboarding Experience

  1. How would you rate the clarity and helpfulness of the information received before your first day?

  2. Was the recruitment process efficient and welcoming?

  3. How well did our pre-onboarding communication prepare you for your first day?

  4. Were there any aspects of the pre-onboarding experience that could be improved?

First Day Impressions

  1. Did your first day at the company meet your expectations?

  2. How would you describe your welcome by the team and management?

  3. Were all necessary tools and resources readily available to you?

  4. What could have made your first-day experience better?

Training and Support

  1. How effective do you find the training sessions?

  2. Are you clear about whom to approach for support?

  3. How confident do you feel in your understanding of your role and responsibilities?

  4. What additional resources or support do you need at this point?

Company Culture and Work Environment

  1. How would you describe the company culture based on your experience so far?

  2. Do you feel included and valued as part of the team?

  3. How comfortable do you feel providing feedback or suggestions?

  4. What aspects of the company culture stand out to you?

Job Role and Responsibilities

  1. How clear are you about your job responsibilities and expectations?

  2. Do you feel your role aligns with what was described during the recruitment process?

  3. Are there any areas where you need more clarification regarding your duties?

  4. How can management support you in meeting your job expectations?


Best Practices for Implementing Onboarding Surveys

Implementing onboarding surveys requires a tactical approach and practices to make them effective. here are 2 important practices to maintain while conducting an onboarding survey.

Timing and Frequency

Finding the right moment to send these surveys is crucial. Ideally, they should be distributed after the first week and then followed up at regular intervals during the first few months. This strategy helps track the evolution of the new hire's experience and satisfaction.

Analyzing and Acting on Feedback

Collecting responses is just the beginning. The real power lies in analyzing this feedback and implementing changes to address any concerns. This demonstrates to your employees that their opinions are valued and can lead to tangible improvements in the onboarding process.

Do more research on the best onboarding survey practices to assist you during your hiring process.



Incorporating onboarding survey questions into your hiring process signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and employee satisfaction. By carefully crafting these surveys and acting on the insights they provide, you're not just enhancing the onboarding experience; you're fostering a culture of openness and feedback that benefits the entire organization. Start with these 20 questions, and watch as your onboarding process transforms into a more effective, employee-centric journey.


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