How To Make People Complete Your Online Survey

  • 14/06/2012

I was once offered a chance to win 50 Euros to filling out a survey which I ended up not filling and did not win the money of course. Most of us would agree that filling out a survey can seem like a very tidious task. Despite the fact that I did not win the price money for filling out that survey, offering money or some kind of incentive is actually a very good idea. But sometimes it has to be combined with some other best practices for it to work even marketing survey research

I made a little research in other to figure out how one can make people fill out a surveys even when they don’t really feel like spending too much time doing so and these are what I came up with:


  • Use multiple pages: This might sound like the most trivial thing to do but it really works. if you load up your entire survey question on one page, it looks scary and tedious to most respondents. Breaking your survey questions down into multiple pages can sometimes give the respondent the illusion that he or she doesn’t need to spend too much time filling it out.
  • Use page counters: the use of page counters or progress bars enables the respondent keep track of his or her progress. It can sometimes be comforting for a respondent to be aware of how many pages he or she has left.
  • Use a friendly and simple layout: a friendly and simple layout is easy on the eye. Of course the layout could show features of your company’s house style and colors, but keep it simple.
  •  Use email reminders: If you have the email address of your target group, you can send them a reminder to fill out your survey if they have not already done so.
  • Offer an incentive: like I already mentioned, offering money or some kind of a prize can get a respondent to try as much as possible to complete a survey.

These techniques are not meant for all kinds of respondent. It is for you to understand the kind of people you want to fill out your survey and see which of these tips would work best for you. If you have any other suggestion that might work or worked for you, please add it as a comment on this page. Thank you and happy online surveying!

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