What About Spss?

SPSS is an advanced statistical software developed by IBM and is mostly used both in academia and for commercial statistical analysis. You can evaluate sets of statistical data as well as perform SPSS online survey customer statisfactionquantitative research using this piece of software. Online surveys that are carried out are usually analysed using SPSS


There are quite a number of free statistical software out there but SPSS is seen as a more mature statistical tool. Another popular alternative is the PSPP which is also popular in many universities social science department. 

Reason to learn to use SPSS for statistical analysis

  1. SPSS has a long history in the world of political science and has been in use for a very long time
  2. It’s rather easy to use when trying to perform complex analysis
  3. It supports command line interface as well as a rich Graphical User Interface
  4. Most social scientist require that one uses SPSS for data exploration



  • ·         It is rather expensive to obtain the full version
  • ·         The student version lack added functionalities
  • ·         Advanced researchers and users of SPSS complain of less control over statistical output. For example it is difficult to have greater control over equations or output.


Where to find help

There are loads of free tutorial website that offer great introduction to SPSS. Also on YouTube you would find some video tutorials as well that could go a long way for first time users. So my advice to you is Google “SPSS tutorial”.


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