When and How to Use Kiosk Survey for Customer Feedback

kiosk surveyYou know those small, stand-alone booths you often see in malls or outside public places like museums? These are called kiosks, and they are commonly used for marketing purposes. However, kiosks also have another valuable function: conducting surveys. While kiosk surveys may not be widely known, they can be incredibly effective when implemented correctly.

In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of kiosk surveys, highlighting their benefits and how businesses can use them to gather valuable customer feedback. Let's start with the basics.



What is a Kiosk Survey?

A kiosk survey is an interactive feedback tool typically placed in public areas where customers can easily access it. These surveys are conducted using touchscreen kiosks, tablets, or other electronic devices. They are designed to gather real-time customer feedback, providing valuable insights into their experiences.

In the context of a restaurant, kiosk surveys can be strategically placed at exits, waiting areas, or near the cashier. This allows customers to quickly and conveniently share their thoughts about their dining experience as they leave. The feedback collected can cover a wide range of topics, including food quality, service, ambiance, and overall satisfaction.

For example, imagine you run a bustling restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. After enjoying a delicious meal, customers can stop by a kiosk near the exit to rate their experience, leave comments, and answer a few quick questions about the service and food.


When to Use a Kiosk Survey

Kiosk surveys are versatile tools that can be used in various scenarios to gather feedback:

Post-Dining Feedback

Place kiosks at the restaurant exit to capture immediate reactions from customers about their dining experience. Immediately after a dining experience, customers' impressions are fresh and detailed. This is the perfect time to capture their thoughts on the overall experience, food quality, service, and ambiance.


Special Events

Use kiosks during special events or promotions to gather specific feedback on the event's success and customer enjoyment. Special events, such as holiday dinners, themed nights, or promotional events, offer unique opportunities to gather targeted feedback. These events often draw different crowds and provide different experiences than regular dining. Understanding customer reactions to these events can help you refine your offerings and improve future events.


New Menu Launches

Implement kiosks to gauge customer opinions on new menu items and gather suggestions for improvements.

For example, if your restaurant recently introduced a new brunch menu, setting up a kiosk survey can help you understand how well the new items are received and whether any adjustments are needed.

This immediate feedback allows you to tweak recipes or presentations based on customer preferences.


Regular Operations

Keep kiosks active during regular operations to continuously monitor customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Collecting feedback during regular operations is crucial for maintaining high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction. This continuous feedback loop allows you to monitor the day-to-day performance of your restaurant and quickly identify any issues or areas for improvement. It also demonstrates to your customers that you value their opinions and are committed to providing an excellent dining experience.


Types of Kiosk Surveys

There are various types of kiosk surveys, each suited to different needs and environments.

For example, a small café might opt for a tablet-based kiosk placed near the counter, while a larger restaurant might invest in a standalone touchscreen kiosk at the entrance and exit points.

Touchscreen Kiosks:

These are standalone units with a touchscreen interface, typically placed at strategic locations within the restaurant. They are user-friendly and can display a wide range of survey formats.

Tablet-Based Kiosks:

These use tablets mounted on stands or walls. They are versatile, portable, and often more cost-effective than larger touchscreen units.

Integrated Systems:

These kiosks are integrated with other restaurant management systems, allowing for seamless data collection and analysis.


Benefits and Advantages of Using a Kiosk Survey

Implementing a kiosk survey in your restaurant offers numerous benefits. Here are a few most popular ones.

Improved Customer Feedback Collection: Kiosk surveys provide a convenient way for customers to leave feedback, leading to higher response rates compared to traditional methods.

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Real-Time Insights: The data collected is immediately available for analysis, allowing you to quickly identify and address issues.

Increased Customer Engagement and Satisfaction: By actively seeking customer feedback, you show that you value their opinions, which can enhance their overall dining experience.

Cost-Effectiveness: Kiosk surveys can be more affordable than paper surveys or hiring additional staff for feedback collection.

Quick Identification of Issues: Real-time feedback allows you to promptly address customer complaints and make necessary improvements.

How to Set Up a Kiosk Survey

Setting up a kiosk survey involves several steps to ensure it effectively gathers valuable feedback and enhances the customer experience

1. Strategic Placements

Determine where your customers are most likely to engage, such as near the checkout, service desks, or entrances. The placement of your kiosk is crucial. Ensure it enhances the customer experience without causing disruption. A well-placed kiosk will naturally attract more participants.

2. Use Visual Cues:

Use clear instructions and visuals to guide customers. Simple signs like "Share your thoughts here" or friendly icons can significantly boost participation.

3. Choose the Right Questions:

Craft simple and engaging questions that align with your goals. For example, a café might ask, "How was your coffee today?" Make it easy for customers to quickly share their thoughts.

4. Select a User-Friendly Platform:

Choose a platform that simplifies the survey creation and deployment process. A Platform like Enquete is user-friendly and helps streamline your experience.



Kiosk surveys are powerful tools for gathering real-time feedback from your customers, offering numerous benefits such as improved data accuracy, increased customer engagement, and actionable insights. By carefully considering the user experience, survey design, hardware and software requirements, and data analysis, you can effectively implement a kiosk survey in your restaurant. This will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive business success.


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